Eliminate Harmonics with ADF

With unbeatable customization options and cutting edge capabilities, the ADF range is specially designed to help you achieve all of your power quality goals and more.

HV/MV Reactors for your need

With multiple years of experience in designing and integrating reactor, we believe we can bring about the best reactor quality and services for your project.

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Our Products

Industrial Wireless Gateway

SCADA License

Harmonic Filter

HV/MV Reactor

Reactive Power Compensation

Power Quality Monitor

Top Knowledge, Optimal Solution

At PowerMore, we know our greatest strength is rigorous knowledge. That’s why every Power Quality solution from PowerMore is always a solid combination of optimal technical and economic calculations.

Your problem is Our problem. We can’t wait to work with you to solve your Power Quality headaches and help you building a clean and robust electrical system.

Our Prominent Projects

Post & Articles

Loss mitigation Reactors for Vietnam Southern Region

Successully installed in Dec 2016, reactors supplied by PowerMore helped greatly reduce transmission loss.

MV Variable Shunt Reactor for Ly Son island submarine cables

The variable shunt reactor' capacity is dynamically controlled according to the fluctuating submarine cables reactive power.

Active Harmonic Filter system for Bana Hills resort

The system successfully reduce Total Harmonic Distortion from 60% to 5%

Harmonic Introduction

Quick introduction for harmonics in electrical system, what causes harmonics, regulations for harmonics and its negative effects.

110KV Neutral Earthing Reactor

Successully installed Neutral earthing reactor on 15th Nov 2020 supplied by PowerMore

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